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Ceremonial Cacao in India

Ceremonial cacao in India is a rather new concept and phenomenon. Ceremonial Cacao is cacao in its purest paste form and does not taste like chocolate! The traditional ceremonial grade cacao is produced from Native Cacao Strains which grow naturally. They grow in the wild and without human interaction/cultivation in South American countries like Guatemala & Peru. These strains are both the rarest and contain the compounds in most concentration, necessary for ceremonial use.

Our organic ceremonial cacao is made using traditional recipe & process to be used during cacao ceremonies. Cacao is a vasodilator, meaning your blood vessels widen & muscular systems relax helping increase blood flow by up to 30%, meaning that more blood, is moving through your body & nourishing all of your systems.

Further, ceremonial grade cacao is minimally processed, helping retain most of the beneficial compounds available naturally found. Ceremonial cacao is made from whole bean, organic cacao only (and not Cocoa Powder) and without anything added to it. The cacao beans undergo a fermentation process necessary for building their flavor profile and activating certain natural compounds. The beans are then roasted at low temperatures, cracked, and stone ground by traditional means! It is believed that ceremonial grade cacao should not be altered. Hence, Ceremonial cacao is NOT even tempered!

Ceremonial cacao in india is made by Kocoatrait from the same traditional centuries old recipe. We do this carefully in the southern state of chennai, Tamilnadu, India. Tamilnadu is the home or birthplace for stone grinders which have been modified and used as cocoa grinders to make luxury chocolates across the world.

What is Cacao Ceremony?

Cacao ceremonies are actually a type of shamanic healing, but they don’t have hallucinogenic or “out of body” effects, unlike some of the other shamanic experiences. Cacao ceremony usually involves a communal gathering with a sacred circle, music and of course, ceremonial cacao. Cacao ceremony is a once in a lifetime experience and a way of life for many. Engaging with chocolate as a ritual, rather than consuming it as candy, has direct positive impact on our individual well-being as well as our global ecosystem. Shani Jay (Founder of She Rose Revolution) claims that a cacao ceremony has Emotional and Spiritual benefits which help in healing. It helps with the following:

  • Heart Opening
  • Connection with your higher self
  • Enhances and deepens meditation
  • A pathway to creativity
  • Improved yoga practice
  • Mental clarity
  • Re-balance of your inner male & female energies
  • Inner peace
  • Healing
  • Career guidance

Hosting a cacao ceremony using ceremonial cacao in India

There isn’t a rule book, but here are some of the elements a cacao ceremony can involve. Usually, a cacao ceremony is hosted by one or several people trained in preparing cacao and holding sacred space. A person usually takes the lead and here’s what you can expect from a cacao ceremony. Buy Ceremonial Cacao in India here.

  1. Create a sacred space, often with a table in the middle in a peaceful and disturbance free surrounding. We have hosted a cacao ceremony among the sounds of the sea waves !
  2. A group of committed participants sit in a circle and open up the circle by going around and saying your name out loud, sharing an intention of the ceremony.
  3. Set an intention for the ceremony
  4. Pray for peace and inner awakening peacefully together
  5. Honor and bless the cacao to give it collective healing powder
  6. Pour the cacao in your mug and pass it around the circle humbly.
  7. Savour the cacao slowly and try to connect with yourself and the origin of the cacao.
  8. Breathwork, meditation, sound journey, dance, music – from here, it’s up to the person leading the cacao ceremony and whatever tool they prefer to use to amplify and manifest the intentions created by the participants and continue the memorable journey.
  9. Close the circle – Just like cooling off exercises, this is an important part of the ceremony that invites integration of the deep spaces you may have explored during your cacao journey. We must not forget to thank the cacao tree for this opportunity.

Ceremonial Cacao Recipe

Ceremonial cacao is rather simple to make. However, its best to ensure that you relax even while making it! The true slow food revolution is here! Please click here for ceremonial cacao recipe.

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