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Sustainable Resolutions for 2022! – Kocoatrait Chocolates

Sustainable Planet 2022

It is the time of the year when we start to think and resolve about how to make our planet a better place to live in. While making planet friendly and sustainable resolutions for 2022 might seem like a herculean task, a start is important. Both corporates and individuals can become more cognizant of certain actions and efforts and make our beautiful planet a better place to live in. While they say that resolutions are made to be broken, we hope that this year is going to be slightly different and more resolved for each one of us. Kocoatrait presents 30 resolutions which are simple ways to be kinder to the planet. We sincerely hope that you can join us to make a difference.

  1. Attempt to go single-use plastic free
  2. Less is more! Buy only what you will use, use up what you already have before making new purchases, buy second-hand / Pre Owned / Pre Loved and buy less.
  3. Donate items you don’t need/use
  4. Try up-cycling and repurpose whatever possible
  5. Embrace veganism, vegetarianism and natural food products
  6. Shift to less processed/non processed foods
  7. Carry and use reusable water bottles, straws and food containers and refuse disposables
  8. Use reusable bags/containers for errands
  9. Buy products with lesser packaging (support zero waste brands)
  10. Minimise food, kitchen and bathroom wastage
  11. Reduce kitchen / toilet paper usage
  12. Start DIYing your own personal care, cleaning products, or food, like granola or pickled vegetables.
  13. Start home composting
  14. Support small businesses and prioritise shopping locally
  15. Shower less and conserve water
  16. Grow your own organic herbs/vegetables
  17. Cut down your vehicle’s harmful emissions by taking public transportation, carpooling, biking, e-scootering or walking
  18. Clock lesser air-miles. Consider alternates to air travel.
  19. Buy sustainable clothing and cut out fast fashion
  20. Hang your laundry to dry instead of using the dryer
  21. Use natural clothes/home cleaning products
  22. Use reusable batteries
  23. Refill your home / bath supplies in your existing containers
  24. Clean up your e-mailbox as much as you can
  25. Take baby steps towards energy conservation at home/office
  26. Upgrade to greener devices. A laptop, for example, uses lesser energy than a computer!
  27. Unplug or Switch off the mains of the gadgets/electronics that are not being used
  28. Plant as many trees as you can
  29. Take prints only when necessary and use paper made from agrowaste
  30. Volunteer to help execute sustainability initiatives

These are only a few ways to help contribute to the betterment of the planet. You are requested to do more! At Kocoatrait we request you to meet us half way and help us in our efforts to save the planet by returning and recycling our wrappers and reusing our cardboard box. Learn more about us:

About Kocoatrait: Kocoatrait is the world & India’s 1st Sustainable Luxury Zero Waste, Single Origin, Organic and Planet Friendly Bean to Bar Chocolate contributing to the circular economy. Kocoatrait was conceived with an aim to enable aspiring Indian citizens to adopt a zero waste lifestyle. Our aim of being planet concious in our actions and the support of our planet concious consumers have been very rewarding and have helped us save 200+ kgs of single use plastic/laminated chocolate wrappers from being dumped into landfills to date! This is our measure of the impact of our Circular Economy Model on climate change! Click for Kocoatrait range of chocolates

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