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Team Engagement and Building with chocolates. Now Virtually!

Virtual Engagement Session

Team Engagement and Building with chocolates. Please click here to access the presentation on how HR/Project managers can engage their teams virtually for a team building activity during this pandemic. Link: Click Below are a few testimonials from our clients.

We reached out to Nitin for a team session on appreciating Indian bean to bar chocolates. The team enjoyed the bonding over the session and learnt a lot about making, eating and enjoying chocolates. Nitin engaged with many of them and answered all their queries which made it very interactive. Whilst initially a two hour session, we went on for nearly three hours. All thanks to Nitin and his wonderful chocolates!

– Yash J Ashar, Partner, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, Mumbai

Given the continued WFH, we were looking for a fun and informative virtual session that would help the team interact. Some of the other options we considered were stand up comedy or concert, but we felt with Nitin’s knowledge and credentials and the excellent Kocoatrait chocolates, a chocolate appreciation session would be more interactive and engaging. We were not disappointed – the session was excellent and everyone really enjoyed it. We would highly recommend it.

– Prashant Gupta, Partner and National Practise Head (Capital Markets), Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co, New Delhi

For Team Engagement and Building with chocolates, we ship out a box of handpicked Single Origin Planet Friendly, Sustainable and Zero Waste chocolate to the associates based on addresses shared in a specific spreadsheet format by the client (in advance) and using bluedart or similar overnight service. The box is completely sustainable, plastic free and planet friendly. The fine flavoured chocolates are of indian origin and reassures the participants that in India we can be atmanirbhar with our chocolates. The box is delivered with the client’s logo on the top of the box printed on the bluedart AWB indicating & clearly indicating that the company has sent it. Upon receipt of the box, the recipient stores the chocolates based on instructions clearly given in the box. On a scheduled date/time, the associates log on to a virtual platform and then L Nitin Chordia, (India’s 1st certified chocolate taster) takes them through a 90 minute guided chocolate appreciation sesion where we taste 4 or 5 different and unique chocolate bars. The associates can join in with their families if so desired by the company! During the session, we ensure that almost all the participants get to participate/engage in some conversation. We start with a quick rapid fire introduction of each participant and where they take 20-30 seconds each to share any memory about chocolate. Post this, Nitin takes them through a 20 minute walk through of pictures and videos of how chocolate is actually made. After this, there is an introduction to the chocolate tasting guide and participants taste chocolates based on the instructions. If so desired, one chocolate can be without a name and participants guess the same. Nitin engages with a few randomly selected team members for each chocolate and requests for their reaction. This takes up untill 90 minutes and we wind the session with a Q&A. All this at the cost per person of a team lunch! The session needs 10 working days of advance notice for logistics planning.

From an HR perspective, the need and benefits of virtual employee engagement has been captured very well in this blog post.

The video below describes the journey of Kocoatrait chocolates from bean to bar!

The Journey fo Planet Friendly Kocoatrait chocolates from Bean to Bar

You could also choose to include a zero waste sustainable and planet friendly chocolate gift box (options available in reusable TIN and Plam leaf). This box lends itself very well to the overall virtual chocolate appreciation experience. The box is available to view at:

About L Nitin Chordia, Cocoatrait & Cocoashala:L Nitin Chordia is India’s 1st certified chocolate taster. A Sparring Partner and a Retail Business Consultant with over 15 years of experience in Indian FMCG and Retail Domain. His current consulting focus is Sustainability, Zero Waste & Circular Economy. Nitin is India’s 1st Certified Chocolate Taster, Judge at the International Chocolate Awards, London and a Cocoa Post Harvest Professional. Nitin is the 1st external faculty at the Institute of fine chocolate tasting, UK. Nitin operates Cocoatrait with an intention to promote the production and consumption of fine chocolates in India. Nitin along with his wife Poonam (a trained chocolatier and a Level 2 certified chocolate taster) operates Cocoashala, a chocolate school which delivers the basic & advanced levels of Bean to Bar chocolate making training and beyond. Kocoatrait is the world & India’s 1st Sustainable Luxury Zero Waste, Single Origin, Organic and Planet Friendly Bean to Bar Chocolate contributing to the circular economy. Kocoatrait was conceived with an aim to enable aspiring Indian citizens to adopt a zero waste lifestyle and follow minimalistic living. 

Contact: L Nitin Chordia +919600064846;