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Why should you recycle aluminum foil

Aluminum is considered one of the highest-value materials that can be recycled and reprocessed into new aluminum in just barely 60 days! Aluminium foils used by chocolate companies are usually laminated with a layer of plastic to save costs on aluminium by using a thin aluminium foil. Kocoatrait chocolates uses a much thicker pharmaceutical grade aluminium foil without any plastic content to wrap our chocolate bars. This ensures that our chocolates are protected as it provides a total barrier to light and oxygen.

Aluminum foil is 100% recyclable, unless there is a plastic laminate on it. While it is used to protect the chocolate bar before you have purchased it, we would like to encourage you not throw the aluminium away AND to re-use the high quality aluminium foil atleast once before it finds it way into the recycling plant. We have not sealed or stickered the aluminium foil and hence there are several ways we could re-use it. You can give it a second, third or fourth life with one of the creative ideas below! Whats more, you can reuse it for ever!

Use as a sandwich wrap Use the foil to wrap a cold sandwich or cold bread! This is the best use of the foil and it can be reused many times before you decide to recycle it. 

Sharpen Scissors Fold the aluminum foil into a thick square and cut it about 8-10 times. This will help to sharpen the edges of your dull scissors. 

Regulate Your Lotion Dispenser Wrap aluminum foil around the pump dispenser of your soap or lotion to control how much comes out. Not only will you be reusing the aluminum foil, but you’ll also extend the life of your soap or lotion. 

Eliminate Static Cling If you are having problems with static cling on your clothing, add a piece of aluminum foil to the dryer next time you do a load. It will help to reduce the static cling. 

Extend the Life of Your Bar Soap Instead of letting your bar of soap sit in a puddle of water, lay it on a sheet of aluminum foil. 

Cut Down Your Ironing Time Put a sheet of aluminum foil under your ironing board. It will help to reflect the heat and iron both sides at once. We believe that we can do better.

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