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We are trying to Save the planet, one chocolate bar at a time !! Kocoatrait is a Vegan Ecofriendly Sustainable Chocolate brand. Kocoatrait is the Worlds 1st Zero Waste, Planet Friendly (Plastic & Paper free) Bean to Bar chocolate operating in the Sustainable Luxury market. Since showcasing our efforts to the fine chocolate community in Amsterdam at the beginning of 2019 and our launch in India during the 2nd half of the last year, Kocoatrait has helped prevent 50 Kgs of single use chocolate wrappers from polluting landfills! Our Up-cycled cocoa husk wrapper is our small contribution towards the planet and our chosen parameter to measure our success/impact. Kocoatrait offers 12 chocolate variants. WE ARE PROUDLY INDIAN. Press Release can be viewed at: bit.ly/PR11thDec The Video link of the journey of a Humble Cocoa Pod at a Cocoa farm to Zero Waste Kocoatrait chocolate is: https://youtu.be/0srVqupalpQ

Going by rough calculations, 500 sheets of A4 size non-recycled paper uses 6 percent of an average size tree, we have saved 1/3rd a tree! To put things in perspective, each tree will remove 3 Kgs of Carbon Dioxide emissions per year from the air! As of March 2020, we have removed 1 kg of carbon dioxide from the air! Hence helping us to remain carbon positive! While this might seem like a pretty small contribution to the planet, we derive pleasure in comparing our current situation to one where we would have contributed to landfill if we were using single use plastic lined chocolate wrappers! This keeps us motivated & going!

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