A “Gateway” into Micro-batch Bean to Bar Chocolate Making Course – Online (Basic Level)


Cocoashala, Chennai aims to make India the largest new world chocolate producer of Bean to Bar chocolates in the world. We want to achieve this by empowering and encouraging every Home Baker, Bakery, Housewife and Cafe/Restaurants to make their own healthy chocolate with ease by themselves!

Starting with cacao nibs and using actual micro-batch equipments, learn how to make your very own micro-batch couverture chocolate with various %’s in this intensive 1 day workshop! This is an online workshop keeping Covid situation in mind. Cocoashala introduces a 1 day course titled “A Gateway into the magical world of Micro-batch (Bean to Bar) Chocolate Making”.

This 1 day “Gateway” course will help you to start from cocoa nibs and make chocolates using very small scale infrastructure and help you in the decision to start your own micro-batch business, satisfy your thirst for knowledge of micro-batch chocolate making or simply enable you to make chocolates for your friends and family. The course is administered by L Nitin Chordia & Poonam Chordia India’s foremost certified chocolate tasters from The International Institute of fine chocolate and Cacao Tasting (IICCT), London, UK.

The global Micro-batch trend has now become popular across the globe. “We are happy to bring the latest in knowledge, innovation and technology to India! and are proud to offer this course in India at the same time as it is being offered across the United states, Europe and around the world. This is a global trend and there is an established business model in place even in India!” says L Nitin Chordia from Cocoashala. “Indians do not have to travel far to learn this art of Micro-batch Bean to Bar chocolate making. The course is very practical and the information gathered and the content of the course reflects the travels we have undertaken is this journey of learning bean to bar chocolate making across the world.” L Nitin Chordia adds. Cocoashala has ensured constant supplies of high quality raw materials to students post the course. Nitin is confident that this will propel the micro batch movement in India and is confident that there will be 500 micro batch chocolate producers in India by end of 2025.

 What’s included in the course:

Audio/Visual Presentation on:

  • History of Cocoa
  • Processing of Cocoa (at farm level)
  • Cocoa Growing Vs Processing Countries/Regions
  • India’s current position
  • Micro-batch Chocolate Making Process Step By Step (starting from beans)
  • Preparation of Cocoa Nibs
  • Introduction to Chocolate tempering and moulding
  • Definition of Micro-batch Bean to Bar chocolate
  • Difference between Industrial, Micro Batch, Pure, Couverture & Compounds.
  • How is compound chocolates made?

Followed by:

  • Short demo of Preparation of Cocoa Nibs from cocoa beans
  • Introduction to Cocoa Refiner
  • Preparation of table top Refiner for processing
  • Instructions on using the refiner
  • Hands-on live step by step demonstration of chocolate making using refiner starting from cocoa nibs.
  • Equipment & Raw Materials selection/discussion – The sources of Raw materials & Equipment from external sources shall not be discussed.
  • We will start to process and add the raw materials to 1 dark chocolate. We will not be to finish the chocolate within a day. 2 standard recipes of dark chocolates will be shared (usually the 55% & 70% dark baking chocolate recipes are shared)
  • All the Raw materials and equipment are available at Cocoashala for purchase.
  • Discussion on application of these chocolates in your current products (Bakes, Cakes, Patisseries, Salads, Health Snacks etc) – Recipes of Value Added products will NOT be shared.
  • Quick Chocolate tasting session of some bean to bar chocolates.

Who should take this course?

  • This is relevant for Professional, Amatuer and Students a like as they get started in their Bean to Bar chocolate journey! This is useful for Home Bakers, Bakerys and Cafes/Restaurants.
  • Anyone interested in making the pure chocolate at home (and not buy the baking bars / couverture from the supermarket) and impress friends and family
  • Patisserie Chefs who want to get to know their base raw material in detail.
  • If you’re thinking of starting a business making chocolate and would like to get an idea of what it entails and get prepared for further levels.
  • If you want to learn more about the bean to bar making process and how chocolate is really made.
  • Chocolate enthusiasts and tasters who want to broaden their experience
  • Or simply a chocolate lover trying to increase your knowledge!

Duration: 8 Hours (including working lunch session)

Course Fee: 37000 (Exclusive of / without GST) – Equipments and raw materials worth Rs 25000 are included in this course fee and shall be shipped to you in advance.

What is NOT covered: This is a 8 hour gateway course aimed to help you start making Bean to Bar chocolate in small scale at home or a smaller unit. This is NOT aimed at a participant starting a full fledged bean to bar manufacturing unit. Therefore, we will not be able to cover a) the finishing of a full batch of chocolate since a whole batch takes atleast 24 hours to process b) Cocoa Bean processing to nibs c) Advanced Recipe Formulations d) Cocoa Farm Visit e) Hands on Tempering f) Return On Investment (ROI) discussions g) Increasing capacity.

Venue: Online only

Timing: 10AM to 6PM + keep in hand 1 hour for any time extensions and Q&A

Instructor: L Nitin Chordia & Poonam Chordia

Next Steps: After completing this gateway course, one can graduate to enroll for the 4 day bean to bar certification course (Click: https://cocoatrait.com/product/4-day-micro-batch-bean-to-bar-chocolate-making-course-cocoashala-chennai-india/)

What to prepare before the course:

We provide the required equipment and raw materials to you. At your location, kindly ensure you have a good stable internet connection, a chocolate melter (or a double boiler) and an a/c room.

Please note: We shall make only vegan chocolates (without milk). This course aims to give you an understanding of what it takes to make a chocolate from cocoa bean to a chocolate bar using Audio Visual aids and also real time processes. We shall not be providing any handouts except 2 recepies. You might not be able to start making chocolates that are sellable soon after this course. We encourage you to look at this as an MBA course where we set the direction and you take the right path. We call this the beginning of your journey towards making Bean to bar. Because this is really just the beginning. Your research actually starts with this session and the implementation of your ideas will be driven by you! We are very particular that this will not have a hand holding approach. This road is a long (but highly rewarding) one and we aim to give you the required knowledge via various sessions and across levels so that this journey is an exciting and fun filled one too. With basic equipments and raw materials however, you will be able to make your own chocolate batches. There is always scope for improvement and we shall discuss in the next levels what it takes to go further. We would only share the basic recipes. We will not be demonstrating Cocoa butter pressing but will explain the show images of the process. We shall not provide or take responsibility of any references of 3rd party equipment suppliers or Raw material suppliers. We shall make most of the raw materials and equipments should you want to purchase by paying additionally after the course.

About L Nitin Chordia & Cocoashala

L Nitin Chordia is India’s only Certified Chocolate Taster and Judge at the International Chocolate Awards, London. Nitin is the 1st Non-founder lecturer at the Institute and delivers his lectures in London. Nitin operates Cocoatrait and conducts consumer appreciation/tasting sessions across the world with an aim to promote fine chocolate consumption. Cocoashala is a part of Cocoatrait which is an initiative to promote knowledge, production and consumption of fine chocolates in India. Cocoashala invests in research, development and enhancement of fine chocolate techniques, processes and recipes’. Cocoashala hosts the Chocolate Tasting certification in collaboration with the International Institute of chocolate tasting, UK in June/August each year. Click for details: https://cocoatrait.com/product-category/shop/events/

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Always wanted to be a Bean to Bar chocolate maker but did not take the plunge? This is your opportunity!

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