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“The Kocoatrait Spice Collection” Eco Friendly Zero Waste Inclusive 6 Bar Gift Box 

The spice collection is a box of Mix & Match 6 exclusively curated chocolates in a mix  Match box where you choose the 6 out of the 9 bars of chocolate you would like to include in the palm leaf box! Indian Cuisine’s way with spices is unique and globally renowned. With an aim to push boundaries on flavours of spices, Kocoatrait introduces “The Spice Collection”, a Sustainable and Inclusive Bean to Bar Zero waste chocolate gift Box and experience curated in association with Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, Culinary Consultant and Chronicler. A collection of 9 handcrafted spice infused, single-origin, sustainable, bean-to-bar chocolates, made using fine flavored stone ground Indian cacao. This collaboration between Poonam Chordia and Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal is a celebration of the power of women and the possibilities of spices and chocolate just in time for Holi!

The collection uses real whole and natural spices, stone ground over 50 plus hours so the flavours are imparted into chocolate, reducing the need for using unsustainable flavoring oils that are used in commercial chocolates. “We have selected the best available Indian cacao and married the flavor with the best available spices to create a magical infusion of spices into this range of 9 chocolates” says Poonam Chordia, founder of Kocoatrait and India’s 1st certified female chocolate taster.

“The Spice Collection is inspired by my Instagram project, #SpiceChroniclesWithRMG, a deep dive into chronicling the role spices play in regional cuisines. As I explored the use of spices, it struck me that the use of spices when it comes to chocolate is relatively unexplored, rarely going beyond chilli, pepper or ginger. The similarity of terroir in Indian Cacao and spices offers so much potential for experimentation. The chocolates in this collection are inspired by stories that came out of the Spice Chronicles journey. Working with Poonam, and Nitin who are so passionate about their chocolate has been an education in understanding the journey of chocolate from bean to bar, but more so its been amazing to learn about how much Indian chocolate has evolved! This association helps us take Indian spices and Indian chocolate into interesting new directions! adds Rushina.

9 Different Flavours to choose from Include:

1. White Chocolate Saffron
Because no spice collection can be without the queen of spices – Saffron. This natural white chocolate with creamy milky notes, infused with the aromatic floral and sweet notes of Kashmiri Saffron is a timeless flavour reminiscent of Saffron scented desserts and Kesar Walla Doodh of Poonam’s childhood.

2. 46% Milk Chocolate Fenugreek & Sea Salt
The bitter notes of Fenugreek fascinate both Rushina and Poonam (and most women who have had methi laddus or paaks). And this bar is their ode to that unique flavour, raw fenugreek is incredibly bitter but when slow processed with the cacao it transforms and acquires a nutty note reminiscent of caramelised sugar. The 46% milk offers the perfect bridge of sweetness between the nutty bitterness of Green Fenugreek seeds and just a kiss of Sea salt.

3. 64% Dark Chocolate Mace
Rushina feels Mace, is perhaps the most taken for granted spice in the Indian culinary repertoire. The 64% Dark chocolate offers the perfect base for the flavour notes of pine, black pepper, and coriander-like citrus that Mace boasts.

4. 33% Milk Chocolate Rose, Pistachio & Fennel
A signature combination from Rushina’s repertoire of favourite flavour combinations. This 33% milk chocolate is taken to another level with the heady, slightly bitter notes of rose petals, complemented with sweet liquorice like fennel and sweetly nutty toasted pistachio.

5. White Chocolate Green Chilli, Curry Leaf & Coconut
Another of Rushina’s favourites. Extremely aromatic Curry leaf with its notes of citrus, anise, and lemongrass gets beautifully rounded off in mixing with the chocolate, acquiring a subtle nuttiness, accentuated by coconut. Green chillies lend subtle spicy notes to make a truly sophisticated bar of chocolate.

6. 70% Dark Chocolate- Star anise, Guntur chilli, Sea salt & Mango
Mango, Chilli, and salt in any form are a marriage made in heaven, reminding both Poonam and Rushina of Indian summers. In this nuanced 70% dark chocolate bar, studded with chunks of Mango leather, the high notes come from sunny spicy Guntur Chillies, highlighted by the pungent liquorice notes of Star Anise, one of the prettiest, least used spices in the Indian spice box.

7. 65% Dark Chocolate Masala Chai
Poonam and Rushina’s shared love for Masala chai meant this Kocaotrait classic had to be in this first collection. The Kocoatrait Bean to Bar 65% Masala Chai Dark Bean to Bar Chocolate is infused with authentic Masala Chai Spices from Nitin’s Mothers recipe. Ginger, Black Pepper & Cardamom will waltz across your palate with every bite!

8. 64% Dark Chocolate Sukku Coffee
Poonam’s tribute to Tamil Sukku Malli Kaapi. A 64% Dark Chocolate infused with the high notes of dry ginger (Sukku) accentuated by Coriander (Maali) seed, Pepper, Cumin and other spices that make the much loved Sukku Coffee what it is! Promising a warm and nostalgically inclined experience.

9. 46% Milk Chocolate Thandai
Holi aa rahi hai! And a Thandai flavour had to commemorate it! Almonds, peppercorns, poppy seeds, cardamom, fennel seeds and more come together against the background notes of a 46% Milk Chocolate in this bar that is zinging with a rainbow of flavour notes!

The individual chocolate bars come wrapped in our signature and eco-friendly upcycled cocoa shell material. The wrappers are printed using water based ink at our partner institute V-excel education trust which supports the inclusion of citizens with special needs and trains them on various skills (energy efficient screen printing in our case). The 9 chocolate bars are housed in a palm leaf based reusable box making it a truly zero waste gift pack!

Achieving zero waste is all about minimising your carbon footprint by limiting the amount of waste one produces. We aim to deliver Eco friendly Zero Waste gift options which are useful, reusable, compostable and recyclable. We also believe being sustainable and ethical in addition adds to the brownie points! With all the plastic and paper that gifts generate, Kocoatrait offers a eco/planet friendly sustainable gift box with the following details:

The Kocoatrait Spice Collection

Know your box

  • Housed in a specially designed sustainable and reusable palm leaf box made by M.Rm.Rm Foundation, Chennai which helps and includes traditional crafts women in rural Tamilnadu find their place in the economic mainstream. They are wrapped in recyclable paper bubble wrap for safer shipments.
  • All packaging is Eco friendly and Recyclable. No plastic used! The box is insulated using reusable and non toxic ice packs.
  • 6 Kocoatrait Sustainable Zero Waste chocolates made using organic Indian cacao beans, each paying tribute to intriguing spice flavours.
  • The wrappers are Up-cycled using reclaimed cotton and Cacao shells which we generate during roasting or beans and they are printed at V-Excel Educational Trust, Chennai which aims to support the inclusion of individuals with special needs.
  • Eco Friendly Water based inks are used in the printing. No additional branding/printing is done on the outer boxes.
  • Shipped across India using Bluedart Overnight service and No Contact Delivery.

Now you can gift your loved ones across india a Kocoatrait Spice Collection Box & Experience. Ordering from overseas is possible using the same link. Corporates can also connect with us to discuss employee engagement and team building ideas.

Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal is a Culinary Chronicler, Corporate Food Consultant, and Curator of Food experiences.  She owns & runs A Perfect Bite® Consulting (a premier food consulting firm) and APB Cook Studio® (Food incubator lab, Test Kitchen and Food Content Studio) in Mumbai. Follow Rushina and #SpiceChroniclesWithRMG for spicy conversations!

Poonam Chordia is the co-founder of Kocoatrait and is India’s 1st certified female chocolate taster. She is also an integral part of the team at Cocoashala, a bean to bar chocolate institute.

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26th March 2021 (Friday) 5PM – 7PM, 2nd April 2021 (Friday) 5PM – 7PM, 9th April 2021 (Friday) 5PM – 7PM, Not Attending, Just want the box delivered


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