Understanding Cacao Ceremony & Kocoatrait Ceremonial Cacao

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What is Cacao Ceremony

In modern day, Cacao ceremony in India is becoming hugely popular and is being consumed by practitioners who teach Yoga, Mindfulness, Chakra, Metta, Vipassana, Guided, Transcendental, Concentrative meditation and sound healing. According to both archeologists and Mayan spiritual elders, the Cacao Spirit was one of the most powerful deities in ancient Mayan cosmology. The Mayans discovered the cacao tree and gave it a divine status. Cacao beans were very lightly roasted and ground, after which a bitter hot chocolate drink was prepared. It was used in religious ceremonies and buried in the tombs of high priests. The Aztecs later believed that the cacao drink served as a life elixir for the wealthy elite of priests and other dignitaries and gave them supernatural strength and performance ability and hence its importance grew.
It is said that cacao has the potential to lift the veil of the seen world, giving you access to the world of the unseen. The raw & minimally processed version of cacao used for cacao ceremonies is called ceremonial cacao.  Depending on the shaman who hosts the cacao ceremony, ceremonial songs, prayer, yoga, sound (or other) meditation and dance will be used.
The combination of drinking Raw Ceremonial Cacao and experiencing Tantric Breath, Sound, Movement and Meditation is explained as explosive & heart-opening, raising the vibrational frequency within all the cells of your body and opening the doors to dimensions of Pleasure, Bliss, Sensuality and Peace that enable us to move into a new sense of our body. It is believed to increase blood flow in the body which has its natural benefits. We welcome you to explore letting go of the mind and moving into realms of higher consciousness with Ceremonial Cacao.

In order to understand ceremonial cacao in further detail, we request you to enroll for a free session/discussion on ceremonial cacao, where you will understand:

  • What is ceremonial Cacao and how was it consumed in the past by Mayans & Aztecs?
  • How was it made?
  • How is it different from commercial cacao paste?
  • What are the naturally accruing benefits of this plant based superfood?
  • How can you benefit from it?
  • How does it compliment Spiritual Healing, Sound Healing, Yoga and Meditation?
  • Who should avoid it?
  • The role of music in a ceremony
  • The role of intention in a ceremony
  • What to expect during and after a cacao ceremony?
  • How you can host a cacao ceremony yourself in India!

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