Zero Waste Chocolate

Zero Waste Chocolate

Zero Waste Chocolate by definition indicates that the elements involved in making the product are sustainable, reusable and Reusable. Kocoatrait is the world’s 1st Zero Waste Chocolate imagined by Poonam Chordia in Chennai, India also as a sustainable and Eco Friendly chocolate in addition to being a Zero Waste Chocolate. For Poonam Chordia, the pillars of sustainability include People, Planet & Profits (not in any other order!). Various aspects of our efforts have ensured that we are completely Zero Waste. Below are the highlights of our efforts:

Sustainable Packaging

Our Zero Waste Chocolate bars are packed using our COCOA HUSK PAPER which is UPCYCLED, PLASTIC & PAPER FREE, RECYCLABLE, BIODEGRADABLE & COMPOSTABLE. This is our contribution towards REDUCING LANDFILL. We have REDUCED every possible Millimeter of the packaging used, helping us optimize your transport volume and making it more SUSTAINABLE, reducing CARBON FOOTPRINT & occupying less SHELF SPACE at retail stores!
Zero Waste Chocolate - Minimising usage and wastage of packaging material

Zero Waste Approach

In order to ensure a Zero Waste Chocolate, the inner side of the packaging has mandala art templates, greetings, emergency contacts, habit tracker etc, all of which make the-wrapper reusable and hence Zero Waste! After you have made use of the wrapper, simply place it in moist soil in your garden and in a few months, it bio degrades.
Zero Waste Chocolate - Kocoatrait

Use of Technology

QR & Barcodes have been used to educate consumers by providing relevant information & reduce usage of space in our packaging material and be a Zero Waste Chocolate.
Zero Waste Chocolate - QR Codes used

Community Inclusiveness

The wrapper design is screen printed at V-Excel Educational Trust aiming to support & foster inclusion & independence of individuals with special needs.
Community Inclusiveness - Zero Waste Chocolate

Sustainable Ingredients

Uses Organic cocoa beans of Indian Origin. We only use traditional NON REFINED organic Khandsari (muscovado) sugar. We try to reduce the distance our ingredients travel to us. In line with these principles, we also do not offer regular White & Milk chocolates helping us set an example in being a Zero waste chocolate.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Our Cracking and Winnowing process is the most energy efficient in the world and has been developed in-house. Our printing is done manually using screens without the use of electricity. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint.
Zero Waste Chocolate - Screen Printing

Natural Flavours

12 unique flavours including Sukku Coffee, Masala Chai Lavender. Banana, Pink Rose. Red Rose, Lemongrass, Banana, Coconut Milk & Cinnamon, Irish Coffee. We do not use FLAVOUR OILS.
Zero Waste Chocolate - Kocoatrait


We print the (RDA) Recommended Daily Dietary Allowances clearly on the FRONT of the pack, allowing us to be transparent & Consumer Centric.
Zero Waste Chocolate - Kocoatrait

Made by Experts

The recipes have been developed by Poonam Chordia, India’s 1st certified female chocolate taster.

Focus on health

Reduced sugar and high Cocoa content ensures a healthier chocolate experience. In line with these principles, we do not offer regular White & Milk chocolates.

Zero Waste Gifts for festive occasions

Our zero waste festive or general purpose gifts are available at:

Kocoatrait Video Story

We are proudly Indian and would love for you to try our range. Click to buy: We deliver across india and also include Kocoatrait bars in the Subscription Box. Whats more! You can learn how to make these chocolates yourself @ Cocoashala, Chennai! Click for details of our workshops: If your love for chocolates goes beyond this, join our chocolate tasters certification course! Click for details: Reach out to us on +919600064846 (Whats app) or for more details. We salute your intent to use a zero waste chocolate. More information can be accessed at: