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The Kocoatrait Pure and Organic 55% Bean to Bar couverture chocolate is made from Indian single origin organic cacao beans and is most suitable for Baking and chocolate making applications. It now comes in a paper, plastic and tree free eco friendly packaging. The cocoa butter naturally occurring in the cocoa beans are retained in the final product (and in many cases like ours, some also added back to the chocolate!) helping you create rich and delicious chocolate creations. It has a 35% minimum fat content. Most other baking chocolates (or compounds) available either have replaced cocoa butter with some variant/kind of hydrogenated vegetable oil to reduce costs and/or have less than 35% fat content. The difference between Kocoatrait and the others are:

  • Made with single Indian origin organic cocoa beans
  • Stone ground
  • Small batch produced
  • Produced by experts
  • Own pressed cocoa butter added
  • Minimum 37% fat content
  • Non refined Khandasari (muscavado) cane sugar is used
  • Can be used for all baking applications and chocolate making, bon bons, truffles & ganache too!
  • Eco friendly (paper/plastic free) cocoa husk paper packaging
  • Made in Chennai, India
  • Recipes are available inside by leading Indian bakers.

Kocoatrait helps bakers and chocolatiers create magical and differentiated creations. More about Couverture chocolates.

We also have a 70% dark baking chocolate available at: https://cocoatrait.com/product/kocoatrait-70-organic-bean-to-bar-single-origin-couverture-200gms/


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