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Raw Cacao Powder

The difference between cacao and cocoa powder has been long debated and it is absolutely critical that you choose the right product for your application. It is certain that cacao consumed in the powder form will be the most beneficial from a health perspective. We have pleasure in presenting to you, Kocoatrait Single Indian origin Raw Cacao Powder which is Non Alkalised and Organic and is created by cold-pressing cacao beans that have not been roasted. The result is a dense, nutritionally packed cacao powder where most of the fat (cacao butter) has been removed. Throughout this process very less heat is used and maximum benefits are retained in the product. Cacao is beleived to be a very high source of antioxidants and a high source of magnesium. Indian Single Origin Raw Cacao Powder Non Alkalised Cold Pressed made by Kocoatrait are mainly consumed in hot chocolates or use it to make raw desserts where there is no heat applied. However, please do note that adding dairy products to your beverage nullifies the body’s ability to absorb the available antioxidants! This is a sealed pack of 250 Gms and is cold pressed to retain maximum flavour. It is packed in a Oxy biodegradable paper outer pouch with a ziplock for reuse which uses a layer of bio degradable plastic to retain freshness. You can make delicious and healthy short eats and treats to add to your daily nutrition intake.

To further your research on cacao, we suggest that you click to read this article in detail before you make your cacao related purchase decisions. There is also an ongoing debate whether raw cacao is good or bad and there is a view on it presented in the link: https://perfectdailygrind.com/2018/10/raw-cacao-chocolate-health-foods-or-dangerous-habits/

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