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Why must every baker in India make their own bean to bar chocolate?

The pandemic has made most of us agree that ones own immunity is perhaps the most critical weapon in fighting the pandemic. As they say, the world order has now changed! Most executive chefs of leading hotels have amplified their voices about eating local, natural & organic foods. Further diets like Vegan, Keto, Sugarless, Sugarfree, Less Sugar and alternate sugars have been trending. Traditionally products containing chocolate make for more than 40% of a bakers total products sold. In the article below, we list a few reasons why every baker must make their own couverture chocolate from bean to bar! and start NOW!

Bean to Bar India
Bean to Bar India

Bakers have not been able to take full advantage of this opportunity and shift in consumer preferences. Bakers are best placed to cater to this changing consumer requirement. Bakers have now started to look closely at every possible ingredient that they use. However, chocolate still remains the least understood and/or prioritised ingredient. Partly because bakers think it is a complex ingredient. With the evolution of innovative small batch bean to bar chocolate making equipments and access to high quality eduction even during this time of pandemic, each baker can now make their own chocolate and create differentiated products quite easily. There is no better time than this pandemic to upgrade your skill and knowledge and develop new products and be ready for the new consumer demands.

Control the quality of ingredients

Industrially made chocolates (compounds and some pure chocolates) include several avoidable ingredients like Hydrogenated vegetable oils, PGPR, cocoa butter substitutes apart from artificial cocoa & vanilla flavours. While making bean to bar chocolates, one can control the ingredients and also make pure organic couverture chocolates using just 2 ingredients! This helps bakers improve the over all quality and purity of the ingredients used.

Introduce New Product Lines

A bean to bar setup helps bakers make their own nut butters, fillings and also Bon bins and chocolate bars. This adding their product offerings and help to service more customers. A Bean to bar chocolate setup also helps you create a new range of products. Thus helping you cater to a new audience. Take a look at our range of consumer chocolates that we have developed:

Create differentiated products

By controlling the ingredients in chocolates, bakers can make differentiated products with innovative and trendy recipes. For instance, bakers can make Vegan, Keto & Paleo friendly cakes, cakes with healthier sweeteners like dates, jaggery, palm sugar etc. It also helps you make baked products with unsweetened chocolate products by following several american recipes. Thus expanding your product offering.

Create chocolate in small batches

The advantage is that you can make chocolates in batches as small as 1 kg! Thus helping you remain flexible and innovative while not investing in creating new products. You can look at the entire range of baking essentials we have made and curated here:

Requires no extra space

The bean to bar equipment setup can be accommodated within your current compact kitchen. This can literally be made at home! Excepting tempering your chocolate, no other process requires air conditioning.

Reduce Costs

The costs of making Indian origin Bean to Bar chocolates is lesser than buying fancy imported couverture helping you save costs. Yes! You can learn more about the actual cost savings during our 3 day live Bean to Bar class. This makes it the most attractive reason to consider making bean to bar chocolates yourself.

Increased Demand

Couverture chocolates as a category is seeing very high demand. The demand for bean to bar chocolates will be higher! L Nitin Chordia predicts that there will be 40 bean to bar chocolate makers by the end of 2020 in india and over 150 bean to bar chocolate makers by end of 2021. The year 2021 is going to a decisive and important year for india.

Increase profits

Perhaps the biggest advantage of investing in the bean to bar business is that it helps you increase your profits! Yes! The Return on Investment is usually less than 14-16 months. This is possible because of increased profits.

Create a completely local product

The chocolate that almost all bakers in india use are either imported or made by Indian companies using imported cocoa beans. By making your own bean to bar chocolate you have the potential to make and use an entirely Indian product. This will help you be vocal about local and improve the local economy! This is the need of the hour for the country.

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